UltraLog Scale Design

The design of the scales is:

_Front _____________________________________Back

Or in the standard written convention

LL/0, LL/1, LL/2, LL/3, DF [CF, CIF, SH1, SH2, CH, TH, Ln, L, CI, C] D, LL3, LL2, LL1, LL0

Back: Const, R1, R2, K, A [B, T1, T2, ST, S,
P, H1, H2, CI, C] D, DI, Q1, Q2, Q3

Yes, 40 scales, but neatly and logically grouped and arranged using light yellow colour stripes and thin grey separating lines between groups. The slide is 4 scales wider than that of the Aristo 0972 Hyperlog which enables calculations that would be difficult to perform with most scales on the stock.

There are no back to back scales - the arrangement is similar to the 0971 Hyperbolog or Hemmi's duplex rules rather than the Hyperlog's alternating design, which I believe to be difficult for the eye to work with.

There are no scale extentions on the C/D and A/B scales - these are barely used but make it inconvenient to set or read the right and left indexes.

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