UltraLog Project Plan

Scale Design

Scale design is currently being carried out by myself and a colleague using my own purpose built Delphi program to generate the numerical data before loading it into AutoCAD (I was astounded to discover that the software generated some 12,800 tick marks for all the scales combined). Each scale is validated on completion against an existing high end slide rule to ensure correctness. The whole design when completed will by validated independently by several slide rule experts before proceeding to print.

Production Methods

The design calls for a plastic slide rule with adjustable metal end braces. The parts will be produced by a CNC machining shop and possibly assembled by them. Printing will probably be carried out at a specialist plastic print shop. The exact method of printing is under continuous discussion at the moment. There is also a possiblity that all the work will be done under one roof by a shop experienced in slide rule production. Discussions with them are ongoing.

Opinions vary as to the order of production stages - experienced slide rule manufacturers favour printing all the scales first on one large blank and then cutting it to separate the slide from the stators before machining and assembling them. To their opinion this will ensure accuracy of fit and will reduce printing costs and complexity. Owners of modern machine and print shops prefer however to complete all the machining first and then print on separate parts before assembling them. They say that this will prevent damage to printed surfaces and will achieve the same accuracy of fit by using modern equipment and methods.

Handling Money

All deposits and payments coming in from buyers and going out to manufacturers and service providers will be handled by a reputable solicitors firm for a fee that will be included in the price paid by buyers.

Project Management

All key design and production stages will be validated and supervised by a qualified and experienced production engineer with experience of the plastic industry. Again his fees will be included in the price paid by buyers. Payments to manufacturers and service providers will be carried out only with his approval after satisfying himself that the goods and services were delivered as agreed.

Time Scales

Everyone currently involved with this project does so at their free time over evenings and weekends and in addition to their daytime job. There is a lot of preparatory work to be done and my cautious estimate is that we are looking at a few months before asking people to commit and pay and going ahead with production. In the meanwhile promotion of the idea will continue so as to build the largest possible buyers base.

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