UltraLog Actual Size Model

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This is an actual size, fully working model of the UltraLog. It is made of three layers of 2.3mm modelling cardboard and shows the significant added width of the slide, and the adjustable metal braces holding the stators together.

The model took some 10 hours to make, much of the time spent on drawing the scales by hand before cutting the separate parts. 'Tooling' included pencil, ruler, coloured pens, yellow highlighter, metal straight edge, a Stanley knife and a Pritt glue stick.

Although by all accounts a large slide rule, the
UltraLog feels nicely balanced and comfortable to hold and operate. I believe that the weight of the dense cardboard represents very well the projected weight of the final plastic product.

I intend to build a protective box with leftover cardboard, similar to the standard two parts Hemmi box.

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