UltraLog FAQ


> What is the aim of the UltraLog project?

The aim of the
UltraLog project is to produce the most advanced general engineering slide rule ever made, at a satisfactory quality and at a reasonable price so as to provide excitement, joy and intellectual stimulation to slide rule enthusiasts worldwide wishing to own and use it.

> How much will an
UltraLog cost?

Based on initial conversations with a few manufacturers I estimate that including indirect costs and assuming a production run of 500 rules the final cost to a buyer will be around $250 per unit ready for shippping. This estimate will be refined with time as more information is gathered.

> Is it realistic to expect 500 buyers?

It is certainly feasible, however it depends on a few factors - widespread distribution of information about this project, reaching out also to audiences that do not regularly look at English 'speaking' web sites, as in Japan, Germany or France for example. Building a project plan that provides potential buyers with the confidence that their money is being managed properly and the product they expect will be delivered as promissed. Keeping everyone updated regularly about progress and issues arising, and last but not least - protecting the project from uncontrolled changes and spiralling costs and delays.

> What will happen if not enough buyers will come forward?

There are several options. A shorter run could be produced, inevitably increasing the cost of a unit. That of course may reduce numbers even further. Or a cheaper, less durable version could be made that will provide buyers with the experience of this advanced design but will not stand up to the rigours of time. This could even include a glue-it-yourself cardboard version similar to the full scale model appearing on other pages, but with properly drawn and printed scales. I do hope however that it would be possible to produce the
UltraLog at the quality it deserves.


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